About Me

I found out alright but still couldn’t define it without truly understanding who I am. This has led me to embark on a journey of self – discovery; this drastically changed my life.

My Story

Solomon Omeruo

I lost my dad early in life; we could barely feed and pay the bills eat. I watched my mum work very hard to secure a better future for the family. This drove my determination for success. With no knowledge of what true success meant, I ended living a copycat life.

I imitated everyone I thought was successful. This created conflicting emotions and an unstable lifestyle.  Feeling desperate about this instability, I delve into books in search of answers; then I found a statement in a book- “Self-discovery is the first step to true freedom”. This was the beginning of a new dawn in my life.

I became passionate about finding my true identity and discovering my purpose. The journey has been tremendously fulfilling and the best investment I’ve made in life. Now, I understand my purpose and I have defined what success looks like to me.

Life is much clearer now and I have never looked back on my decision to uncover my hidden potential.

Mission & Vision

To constantly support people in discovering themselves and how they uniquely fit into the universe; aiding them in using their peculiarities to achieve greatness in career and relationships.

To inspire everyone that comes in contact with me to be the best version of themselves

We are here to help

Do you desire to become a better version of yourself and create lasting relationships?

Knowing who you truly are is key to building the kind of relationship you dreamed about. Let me help you get started on the journey to self _discovery and become more self-aware, forge your path way to success and experience real happiness