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Dreams are Bridges

I have always wanted to live and study abroad, and I was absolutely sure my parents couldn’t afford that; we could barely pay the rents, yet the idea was just too amazing for me to let go, it’s all I wanted, the thoughts of it excites me, it kept me pushing against all odds. I boasted to friend and families that am foreign..lol. My cousins ended up coining a name for me – Nwabuonyeocha (meaning foreign child). Years went by, I tried applying for scholarships but nothing worked. It started feeling real that I may never be able to study abroad; hence, I resulted to building a country in my head, I rehearsed in front of the mirror speaking different languages (I actually spoke gibberish..lol), I imagined walking on a street full foreigners, being served food by other nationals in an eatery. I made jokes with friends about hosting programs in many nations; speaking in foreign accents. It seemed quite foolish, but it became my driving force.

Some years later, I was walking on a street and everyone around me was white-skinned; it felt like a Déjà vu. I strongly felt I have been there before, though that was my first time there. Filled with curiosity, I thought hard about it; only to realize it was one of the fantasies I created in my head years ago.

Dreams are cherished ambitions and aspirations. Everything in life happens twice; first in your head and then in reality. Starting dreaming today, never wake up each day without a dream- Big or small. Dreams are our bridges to the future.

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