It’s never too late to start afresh

The pain of starting afresh is an unforgettable one. It’s easy to lose oneself to life’s curveballs. But with determination, it’s possible to begin again and find happiness.

At some stage in life, people turn to a cycle of self-hate and blame after discovering they have chosen the wrong path. It becomes tough to accept themselves and sojourn the bumpy road of life again. You may not effortlessly sweep through every challenge, but there is always a fighting chance.

People fail to recognize that challenges are 90 percent a part of success. About sixty-eight years ago, a man started a business in the downtown area of America. He started selling the irresistible fried chicken you now enjoy today; Harland David Sanders established Kentucky Fried Chicken (K.F.C) at a time when he would have been retiring. He redefined success and did not allow age to be a limiting factor to his dreams. If that is not enough motivation for you to believe again, what is? From the inventors of tech companies, to food chain innovators, there’s a story behind every successful person.

The better life we all strive for is sometimes wrapped in despair and pain. But you need to gain the confidence to keep pushing. If you are on a new path filled with roses and thorns, scoff your way through it. If you feel switching career paths will lead you to a greater purpose, go for it! You may have spent years building on the wrong foundation, you may have been betrayed or heart broken in a relationship; guess what? That’s not a death sentence. There is enough time to retrace your steps and become who you are supposed to be.

Engage in solitude, rediscover yourself and reinvent what success looks like for you. Ask yourself pertinent questions like; why do you feel drawn towards a relationship? Are you suffering from a weak self-image?  Do you need to quit your present job because it brings you zero fulfillment? Response to  these questions will help you regain your authentic self. Take the time needed to do this, and once you can, you will find true meaning and satisfaction on your chosen path. Always remember that it’s never too late to start afresh.

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