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My mum told me I’m responsible…

I constantly feel tired and weak, I don’t sleep well at night, I keep thinking of all the responsibilities at home. What I make is never enough to pay the bills… My mum told me I am responsible for my sister. How about the other siblings? I inquired, “I have a brother in the Netherlands, another one here in Dubai, but my mum told me I’m responsible for my sister”, she responded. Filled with curiosity, I asked again, is your sister sick or handicapped and how old is she? “She is forty years old and very healthy, but she has always been pampered and has never worked a day in her life… my mum told me am responsible for her”, she muttered, as tears started rolling down her eyes.

It is easy to tell she was tired of carrying that burden, but just couldn’t let go of it. She continued, “I have tried convincing her to do something, but all the ideas she comes up with are too expensive; they think I make so much money here, they never understand when I explain things to them, I feel guilty each time I can’t meet up with her needs because my mum told me am responsible for my sister”.

During safety procedure announcements, It is always advised you carter for your wellbeing first before lending a helping hand. That is not being selfish, because you can’t provide help when you are not stable.

It okay to support and make sacrifices for friends and families back home, but not at the expense of your survival and wellbeing, you can only do much when you are fine. It is also very important to choose your responsibilities yourself; don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into thinking you are fully responsible for them.

A big shout out to all the people working hard to make sure the bills back home are fully paid!

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