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Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown…

There is a common fear most people go through; I call it the fear of the unknown. I have heard questions like, What if I never find a good spouse? What if I never get a better job?  What if I never achieve my dreams? What if next year is worse? There is a whole lot of uncertainties about the future- The fear of not finding true love, not being able to scale a business, getting a better job, or be successful in life.

This fear has made many people choose never to try at all and has paralyzed ambitions. I have also heard people conclude that certain goods things are not for them- solely because of past experiences and the failures around them. We would rather stick with what we know than reach out for the best. Fear kills more dreams than failure will ever; and the truth is that we are all scared (Both the rich and the poor, successful and unsuccessful,); but the difference is that one group chooses to make fear a motivation.  Scared of poverty? Work harder and smarter. Scared of not being good enough? Work more on your personality. Scared of not finding true love? Learn to love yourself first.

Turn your fears into motivations rather than hindrances

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