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Trusting Me

The classroom was dead silent; you could hear the sound of a pin if it dropped. No one expected Ms. Eliot to ask a question at the end of her class. “we just learned it now’, she exclaimed; feeling disappointed.  There was still no reaction; so, she promised an extra ten marks to whoever answers the question. David stood up and was halfway through with the answer when Matt interjected, “That’s my answer! He copied it from me”. Ms. Eliot response to Matt was “why did you not say it?” David was awarded the extra ten marks which gave him an edge in the overall score for that semester.

Does that sound familiar to you? It happens, not just in many classrooms but in our daily lives. How many smart students are doing very well in the real world? Success is not for the smart, but the bold; for those who are ready to take risks. You can imagine how many ideas are conceived every day, but will never be executed because many people are scared of the unknown. Most of us will prefer to work on other people’s ideas, just because we don’t want to be called failures. Guess what? The chance of failing if you try is 50%, but 100% if you never try at all.

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